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How does TFT Work?

The TFT technique utilizes acupressure points that the client activates by simply tapping them with the fingertips while thinking about the specific problem or concern.

Has there been?

  • any significant loss in your life?
  • any significant trauma in your life?
  • any significant disruption in your life?

Thought Field Therapy

The principle feature of the TFT modality is efficiency and effectiveness. In most cases its application can result in rapid resolution of specific emotional issues.

Unlike many of the traditional treatments for emotional disturbance, there is no prolonged retelling of the situation with TFT.

TFT incorporates contemporary clinical psychology with aspects of Chinese medicine.

This meridian tapping therapy offers a highly effective, non-invasive, healthy self-help alternative. The person only needs to think about the problem and then stimulate the accupressure points on his or her body, as directed by a therapist trained in TFT procedures. You’ll learn to use this potentially powerful yet simple therapy to discover how TFT can contribute to you having a better life. The TFT process has the capability of DISABLING and often completely ELIMINATING troublesome emotional responses. TFT is a cutting edge treatment that you can use in most cases though not all, to conquer emotional distress, including phobias, anxiety, stress, compulsions, and many other emotional concerns.

History of TFT

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is the result of a progressive clinical psychologist's search for greater efficiency in the provision of effective assistance to people whose lives are interfered with by the experience of psychological distress and disturbed emotional and behavioural states

Thought Field Therapy (TFT), also known as Callahan Techniques, is a professional treatment developed by psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan that can offer a person rapid relief from a variety of psychological problems, including the after effects of trauma and sequelae.

The person being treated is asked to stimulate energy meridian points on the body in a specific sequence, while thinking about their particular problem or concern. [Read more about the History of TFT]

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