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Self help products to treat the emotional distress of anxiety, panic attacks, grief, loss and love pain. The very latest developments in clinical psychology now make it possible to effectively package treatment approaches.

AU$207.00 including delivery

Fearfix ®

How to treat anxiety, panic attacks, depression, fear & phobias.

Fearfix® is the most cost effective way to yourself achieve anxiety control through expert guidance in the comfort of your home. Fearfix® is a set of 2 DVD's and 3 audio CDs.

The CDs include a number of relaxation exercises aimed at training the listener in what we call arousal control - which is the development of the ability to internally focus control over the state of their nervous system.


Fast Focus ®

DVD and CD Set click here for more information Reduce stress, get centred and back in balance within just a few minutes with Fast Focus exercises on CD and DVD.

Fast Focus is a set of seven exercises that embrace the principals of energy psychology in a thirty minute DVD and CD self paced learning set.

As its name suggests the exercises and techniques in the programme will help you become centred, calm and relaxed, being able to better focus on the task at hand.

Fast Focus Exercises
AU$44.95 set plus postage and handling


Stop the Nightmares of Trauma

"Stop the nightmares of trauma" - Thought Field Therapy, the power therapy for the 21st century. Author: Dr. Roger J Callahan

In this book, Dr Roger Callahan offers a completely new theory as to why we have recurrent nightmares and why we suffer for extended periods following most traumatic events. He tells us that most of this suffering is needless and gives us step by step procedures to alleviate the pain, nightmares and stresses that haunt us.

Stop the nightmares of trauma gives us a simple, painless way to reduce and even eliminate the painful emotions and nightmares from our past traumas.

AU$40.00 incl. GST


Tapping the Healer Within

"Tapping the healer within" - Using thought field therapy to instantly conquer your fears, anxieties and emotional distress.

The author, Doctor Roger Callahan PH.D is the founder of and world’s top authority on Thought Field Therapy. He holds a degree in clinical psychology from Syracuse University and has been an associate professor at Eastern Michigan University. He trains hundreds in TFT every year and speaks widely at professional conferenc

AU$40.00 incl. GST

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