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Christopher Semmens is a Perth based practicing clinical psychologist who has been driven by efficiency and effectiveness since graduating as a clinical psychologist in 1983. He consults in private rooms in West Perth and at St John of God Medical Centre in Murdoch as well as offering SKYPE and telephone consultations throughout Australia.

In late 2007 he came across Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and since then has used more than 20,000 applications of the technique in his private practice.

There exists bountiful case study, observational study and anecdotal evidence supporting the efficiency of TFT. Furthermore reviews of the evidence supporting the efficacy of TFT in American Psychological Society (APA) peer reviewed journals (Psychotherapy Theory, Research, Practice, Training, 2008, 45, 199-213) make the statement: "Although the evidence is still preliminary, energy psychology [a generic term for TFT] has reached the minimum threshold for being designated as an evidence based treatment, with one form having met the APA division 12 criteria as a probably efficacious treatment for specific phobias; another for maintaining weight loss." (p.199)

Partner Sigrid Semmens, in her capacity as medical receptionist, has observed the positive effects of TFT through her interactions with Christopher's clients as well as with their daughter Charlotte.

It is our commitment to provide a wider awareness of these wonderfully effective and efficient techniques through information and training. Techniques that can in most cases resolve psychological issues that underpin much of the ways in which people interact with the world that leads them to disharmony, discomfort, lack of satisfaction and distress.

Adopting this kind of approach can allow considerations about emotional and behavioural distress and their resolution to be freed up from being confined within a medical model (diagnosis leading to prescribed treatment) conventional approach with its associated limitations.

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